OSToto PC Speeder

OSToto PC Speeder is a versatile PC tune-up utility, cleaning up junk files, fixing registry problems, optimizing system memory, managing startup programs and many more to speed up and optimize your PC. OSToto PC Speeder aims to make your PC run faster and smoother.

One-click health check
  • Check your computer health status and boost it with one click.
Complete cleanup
  • Clean up PC junk files, including system junks files, invalid registry information, cookies, traces, plugins and so on.
Smart speed up
  • Speed up your PC performance by optimizing memory, system resources, network configuration, and startup items.
Useful toolbox
  • Provide you with various utilities like auto shutdown, network monitor, network speed tester, and driver
  • manager.
Customizable options
  • Offer customizable options which allows you to set the settings on your own needs.

Key Features
One-click Check Computer Health and Boost It
  • OSToto PC Speeder will do a health check of your computer with one click. After the check, you can intuitively see the general performance like memory usage, CPU occupancy, redundant processes, junk files, etc. Also, you can optimize all items by clicking the Optimize button.
Clean Up Your PC and Make It More Secure
  • My computer is getting slower and slower. How can I boost it? Yes, it is a pretty common phenomenon that computer gets slower as it gets older because it collects unused files and settings which take up disk space during daily usage.
  • But no worries! OSToto PC Speeder is coming here with easy solutions. It will scan your PC with one click to find all useless files, redundant plugins, invalid registry information, cookies, traces and more unused materials. You can choose to one-click complete the all junks removal or clear them one by one. By clearing browser cookies, history and traces, not only does it free up space and improve PC performance, but also it helps to protect your privacy.
Fix Registry Problems to Prevent Computer Crashes and Glitches
  • The Windows registry is a database repository which is used to store information (including preferences and settings, etc. ) for applications and the PC’s configuration. The repository will become bigger and bigger as you are using Windows computer, install and uninstall programs. When reaching a certain degree, it will obviously degrade computer performance and even lead to a system/application crash.
  • Given this, OSToto PC Speeder is packed with Windows registry defrag feature. It will scan the Windows registry, then find errors & residual items, and then clean them up, which will effectively prevent Windows system crash and glitches.
Speed Up Computer to Get a Better Performance
  • In most cases, there are many background programs and services running on your computer the whole time while they are not essential but take up your system resources which will slow your computer speed. In order to get a better PC performance, you can use OSToto PC Speeder to improve the speed.
  • OSToto PC Speeder will identify the closable programs and list them to allow you to disable the programs easily. Plus, it will optimize memory to save resources, re-allocate CPU, optimize network parameter settings, and optimize startup items that is running silently.
Customizable Options
  • With the easily accessible Settings, you can specify how OSToto PC Speeder performs on
  • your computer.
  • Say, you can specify a one-click memory optimization, one-click shutdown, to end the process when its CPU usage exceed a certain percentage, and more. For more details, you can go to Settings and check them one by one.




OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Patch
Size: 0,48 MB.

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