PremiumSoft Navicat Report Viewer 3.2.8

Navicat Report Viewer is an easy-to-use viewer for navigating report files designed in Navicat Report Builder. Share reports with anyone who has Navicat Report Viewer installed, even if they don’t have Navicat installed on their computer. Access reports connected to local or remote servers running on Linux, Unix, Mac OS, or Windows. With a well-designed UI, you can quickly and easily access your reports, which can also be converted into various formats. With Navicat Report Viewer, viewing reports is much more flexible and convenient.

Secure Connection:
  • Navicat Report Viewer allows you to establish secure SSH sessions through SSH Tunneling, ensuring strong authentication and secure encryption between two hosts. The authentication method can use a password or a public/private key pair. Navicat Report VIewer also comes with HTTP Tunneling, allowing you to bypass ISP restrictions on direct database server connections.
Navigating Reports
  • In Navicat Report Viewer, you can open and view .rtm report files with up-to-date data or archived report files. Navigate your report using functions such as search, refresh, zoom, and page navigation.
Report Printing
  • Navicat Report Viewer provides print support. Not only can you print your reports, but you can also convert your files into different formats such as PDF, HTML, Excel, and more.
Virtual grouping:
  • Organize your connections and reports in Navicat Report Viewer by categorizing objects into groups with our Virtual Grouping feature.
Tree Filter:
  • Narrow the list of connections and reports displayed by using the Tree Filter. Type in the text, and only objects that start with the specified string are shown.



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