WiseVector StopX 2.73

WiseVector StopX (WVSX) is a very smart anti-malware product based on Artificial Intelligence defense methods in real-time to quietly and efficiently protect users from various malware threats!

Zero-day Virus Defense:
  • A zero-day virus is generally unknown to the public. Therefore is often difficult to defend by traditional antivirus software that rely on known virus signatures. WVSX is based on Artificial Intelligence. AI technology can easily predict and stop both known and unknown threats.

Ransomware Defense:
  • Ransomware is an advanced threat that traditional security software is harder to detect. The security of the smart terminal includes: Ransomware virus detection, blackmail virus trapping and document protection functions. It can keep users away from ransomware 24/7.

Fileless Virus Defense:
  • Fileless viruses are not file dependent and do not take up resources, making detection and removal difficult. The AI engine of WVSX provides several layers of defense: detection of virus behavior, memory protection, command tracking function, effectively defending against such viruses.

Identity Data Theft:
  • Data theft Trojans generally minimize their behavior to avoid detection by security software. Based on its characteristics, WVSX's AI invorporates several models to detect such Trojans in behavioral defense and memory protection for all Trojan horse families against data theft.

Streaming Update:
  • To eliminate reliance on the traditional upgrades, WVSX's AI engine can be automatically updated within seconds. This updating method is called continuous updating, ensuring that artificial intelligence can also remove viruses if malware is somehow missed the first time. Streaming updates also retain virus inventory locally, so even if the network is disconnected WVSX will remain functional.

Ultra Light on Resources:
  • Installation is quick and easy. Smart Hub security operates silently in the background. When it encounters a threat, it can respond immediately without interruption. No cumbersome features, no extra pop-ups, no binders, no ads, no push, no family buckets, no privacy theft. The goal of \Very light and practical.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: CHI / ENG
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 31,75 MB.
Download Final From Homepage:

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