Pegasun System Utilities 4.30 | Portable | RePack by JCVO

Pegasun System Utilities is a comprehensive piece of software that provides you with numerous tools and functions meant to help you clean your computer of unnecessary data like web history, defragment drives and enhance its overall responsiveness and speed.

Intense use of your PC, including installing and uninstalling programs, browsing the Internet extensively, but even regular activities can cause various small yet significant issues that affect your system's stability and speed. With Pegasun System Utilities, you can use one of the numerous tools, for instance 'Clean PC', 'Boost Startup', 'Boost Browser' or 'Secure PC' to take care of your computer so it can run in optimal conditions at all times.

What's Included?
Premium Utilities
  • Premiere version of System Utilities is packed with unique and high quality tools that are not available in the free version. Click on the title to learn more.
PC Cleaner
  • PC Cleaner will clean your PC so well, it’ll run as if it was brand new again. Best of all, ours cleans more than any competitor out there.
Startup Manager
  • Disables unneeded startup items so your computer boots faster. Not sure which ones are unneeded? No problem! We automatically detect them for you.
Service Manager
  • Disables all of the unnecessary services so the performance of your computer improves dramatically.
Backup Manager
  • Keeps your important files safe and secure so you don't lose them on a mayday. Set up a schedule, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your files.
Over 20+ Utilities
  • These are just the start. System Utilities provides more than 20+ reliable tools that are designed to help you with any PC maintenance needs.

Key Features
Optimization you can actually feel
  • Built precisely for maximum optimization. Compare with other optimization software and experience how our product makes your PC function much faster.
Several Utilities on a simple interface
  • Whatever utility you need, it's always there, whether you need disk cleaning or back-up. Don't bog down your PC by installing several different utilities.
Award Winning Software
  • You don’t have to believe anything we say. However, you would believe the Internet Media, right? Head over to our awards section and see how many awards we have already won for creating a software that just works.
Safe and Effective Registry Cleaning
  • Unlike other aggressive registry cleaners which can cause more harm than good, our Registry Cleaner will only clean entries that are considered safe for removal.
Threats/Spyware Protection
  • The moment you decide to browse the internet without any security, is the moment your PC will become infected with spyware and various other type of threats, but don’t worry, we’ll keep you safe from those as well.
TuneUP Your System
  • Boosts your system and internet. It automatically modifies your registry settings for quality performance, so you don't have to worry about a thing.
You won't notice it running
  • Many similar programs out there not only constantly nag you with annoying pop ups or ads, but they also use up huge amounts of background resource. Our programs are very light on resource and nag free.
Defrag your hard drives
  • Reorganizes files in your PC's hard drives, so the files are systematized, which helps your PC achieve tasks quicker.
Turbo Mode gives you maximum performance
  • Turbo Mode dramatically increases your PC’s speed by temporarily suspending unnecessary services and processes.
Customize to your preference
  • It's highly customizable. Choose from multiple designed themes or create your own! Easily choose your desired settings to desired color.
Don't want to install? No problem!
  • We offer both the installer and portable version. Portable version lets you run the program without installation. You can also take it with you and load it from anywhere, such as on a USB Drive.
Free or Paid? You choose!
  • Why pay over $40 for similar products that barely do what they claim? Our products are absolutely free for the people who want it to be or half the price for people who want to upgrade. Best of all, we stand behind what we claim.




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