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MyPC is a professional and reliable application designed to provide you with basic hardware information about your computer.You will be able to view information about your CPU, folders, memory, display, BIOS and many others. It also features a control center much similar to the Control Panel of Windows.

System tool
  • Advanced system infos and features compared to freeware version
  • NEW! Update Windows 10
  • OS infos like version, product id, service pack version, IE version etc.
  • Drive information
  • Open/Close cd drives by button click
  • Location of important system folders like Autostart, Favorites, Temporary Internet files etc.
  • CPU data like cores, frequency, manufacturer
  • Network: IP, computer name, workgroup name etc.
  • Open FTP directory
  • Display/Open IP of any domain
  • Memory infos
  • Display infos like graphic adapter, resolution, color depth etc.
  • APM
  • Mainboard infos
  • Bios infos
  • Process manager
  • Autostart manager
  • Online update
  • Advanced screenshot tool
  • More hardware infos like network adapter, MAC address etc.
  • Restore screen resolution
  • Check sound
  • Get infos about an IP
  • Clock with alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Extract icons from EXE or DLL files
  • Show/Edit file properties
  • Show Windows user list
  • Run DOS prompt. Specify initial folder and DOS comand as parameters
  • Add/Remove entries to/from Autostart folders
Control center
  • Access system configuration like firewall, User accounts, security center, services etc.
  • Clipboard viewer
  • Clear clipboard
  • Cleaner deletes redundant files and clears browser history and cookies including hidden index.dat of IE.
  • Clear system restore (deletes all old restore points and creates a new one)
  • Fast file search. Open file folder from the result list, sort result list
  • New advanced screenshot tool
  • Create system restore point
  • Enable/Disable system restore
  • Restart/Shut down system
  • Save/Restore icon positions
  • Run Windows Update
Extract icons from EXE or DLL files.With MyPC you can extract embedded icons from any EXE or DLL file. Select the file and click 'Extract icons'. The embedded icons are saved to the same folder as the source file and will be listed in the file list. You can display them by click on the filename in the viewer.
  • Clean your system
  • Delete temporary files
  • Delete temporary internet files
  • Delete cookies
  • Clear browser history
  • Clear Windows clipboard
  • Clear recyle bin
The cleaner removes redundant and absolete files and deletes internet trails left on your system.Additional featureSpecify your own directories to clear. Define if all files in the specified directory should be deleted or only files with a given file extension like .tmp.Furthermore you may define if subdirectories should be included or not.



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 3,2 / 12 MB.
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