VideoReDo TVSuite

VideoReDo TVSuite — An easy and reliable way to edit TV and personal videos for viewing anywhere.

MPEG2 and H.264 / AVCHD editing.
  • TVSuite Version 5 edits your MPEG2 or H.264/AVC files fast with our newly re-written smart edit engine. Smart edit recodes just a few frames at each cut point and retains all the original quality of your videos.
Recode your video fast with the hardware acceleration of Intel QuickSync.
  • Speed up your recoding up to 5x by taking advantage of your Intel Core-I processor's QuickSync feature. QuickSync offloads the MPEG2 and H.264 encoding functions to the Intel graphics processor for lightening fast encodes.
Convert files for iPhone/iPod and other portable devices.
  • TVSuite will import almost any video file and convert them to all the popular formats used by portable devices.
Edit and convert 4K video.
  • Built in support for H.264-based 4K video.
Import additional non-broadcast formats.
  • Import and edit a wide variety of other video formats such as DivX, Xvid, MPEG4 Part2, DV, Vorbis and more. Export as MPEG2 or H.264 for streaming boxes, portable devices or DVDs.
New more intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • TVSuite has a clean, simple and intuitive user interface that is also highly functional and flexible. Take advantage of the new skinning feature to customize the look of the main editing screen.
Simple preset or custom DVD menu generation.
  • TVSuite has a rich set of pre-designed menu templates to create great looking DVDs. Customize them or create your own templates in seconds using the built-in template editor, giving your DVDs their own unique look and feel. Reuse templates or share them with others via the internet, so that when making the DVDs of a series of program they all have a consistent look.
Opens DVD .IFO files directly for reauthoring (unencrypted DVDs).
  • Want to edit material that has been previously recorded on an unencrypted DVD? TVSuite will import the titles directly from the DVD. Original chapter settings are retained from the imported DVD and will be retained whether you re-author a DVD or play on your portable device.
Advanced cropping, flipping and rotation.
  • Use TVSuite's cropping presets to automatically convert between widescreen, letterbox and pillarbox. Or, customize the crop settings to save just the part of the picture you like.
  • TVSuite can flip or rotate your video, at any angle, so that you can easily reorient those sideways phone videos.
Take control of your audio.
  • TVSuite's advanced audio support lets you remove, duplicate and re-order the audio streams each with options to change the codec, bitrate, sampling rate, and gain.
  • Need to adjust the level? Each audio stream can be automatically normalized or, using our intelligent compressor, let VideoReDo raise the levels of soft passages while reducing the volume of loud ones.
Compensate for lip sync.
  • TVSuite carefully takes care to maintain the lip-sync of the source video during editing and processing. Source videos that start out-of-sync can be manually adjusted using our sync adjustment preview slider.
Advanced batch processor.
  • Save your edits directly from the TVSuite editor or queue them up for background batch processing. Batch works automatically, edit one video while a previous one is being processed.

Key Features
Straightfoward editing from novice to expert.
  • VideoReDo TVSuite has combined its critical features into a single, easy-to-use, intuitive interface. From this screen you can open files, perform editing functions and save your work. All the buttons are color coded to aid in quick recognition, and optional popup tooltips are displayed to assist the newer user.
  • Our powerful thumbnail feature is a powerful way to view and navigate your video.
Build multi-title DVDs.
  • The integrated, multi-title, authoring solution in TVSuite can provide you with a burned DVD with one mouse click. Standard definition videos, even non-compliant ones, can be authored quickly without the loss of quality and speed penalty associated with complete recoding.
Personlize your DVDs.
  • Standard DVD menu templates in TVSuite mean the each DVD menu screen will have a consistent look and feel. A simple, but powerful menu template editor lets you create and modify menu templates.
  • Templates use a standard XML file format and can be shared with other users.
Customize your navigation.
  • The navigation options screen lets you configure all of the keyboard and mouse navigation functions to your own style of editing. If you like, you can create fast-moving buttons, and slow moving keys. Or customize the cursor keys to quickly navigate around the video, and then fine tune your edits with the mouse. Even the behavior of the mouse wheel is configurable.
Automatic Ad Detection.
  • VideoReDo TVSuite's AdDetective parameters let you fine tune the advertising search parameters to come up the best search parameters for your specific programs.
Custom output profiles.
  • Start with our large collection of output profiles for industry standard formats and popular devices. Customize and save them to achieve consistent results for all your videos.
Batch Manager.
  • Queue up your edits to the batch manager so you can continue working while your projects are outputting. Or queue up your recodes so that they can process unattended when you're not using your PC.



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