Boom 3D 1.2.2

Boom 3D is a brand new professional audio application that provides rich and intense sound with 3D surround sound, making the sound of any type of headphones better! This premium version features preset equalizer settings, advanced audio effects and an intensity slider that provides full control over users to fine tune the sound to their liking.

Boom 3D is a patented 3D Surround Sound that provides the most realistic and exciting listening experience on any headset! Raise the bass or lower it, get the desired bass level with this carefully tuned switch.

31-band equalizer and presets
  • The equalizer allows you to modulate the sound with just a slide and save them as custom presets. The presets have been carefully crafted in different genres of music so you can simply type in the audio according to your moods.

Device management
  • You can manage your active devices, i.e. register and unregister devices yourself by creating and signing in to your Boom account.

Intensive slider
  • The Intensity slider provides full control of the audio output and allows you to adjust the bass and treble. Raise or lower it until you find the optimal level.

Select the type of headphones.
  • Select the headphone type so that Boom 3D can appropriately display the results that sound best.
  • Optimize the volume level in the night mode.
  • Be right in the center of your spatial sound.



OS: Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x64)
Language: ML / ENG
Medicine: Crack
Size: 43,58 MB.
Download From Homepage:
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Thank you very much to the respected brothers who are based on this site for their efforts to provide such distinguished programs for us.
Links work but the program cant be extracted with winrar
Okey, I will reuppload the archive...Sorry for the incovenience
Patch link is timing out.  Is there another one?
Are you talking of the link for all te users or only for VIP users?
For all users.  It works fine now, thanks.