Media Player Classic Qute Theater (mpc-qt) 17.07

Media Player Classic Qute Theater (mpc-qt) aims to reproduce most of the interface and functionality of mpc-hc while using libmpv to play video instead of DirectShow.

  • Multiple playlists: When you're watching shows on your backlog, load every show into seperate playlists and still keep track of the last played file for each playlist. Finally you can eliminate the need to keep track of your progress in a spreadsheet, all while never leaving the comfort of your favorite media player.
  • Quick queueing: Out-of-order playback in the same style of xmms/qmmp. Got some compilation albums in a playlist, but want to hear only some rock tracks for a while? Now you can, without obliterating your playlist.
  • Playlist searching: Multi-threaded playlist searching, in the same style as other media players. Find the tracks you want, when you want them.
  • Screenshot templates: Take screenshots with a custom, sleek and stylized filename. Only include the information that you want.
  • Looped playback: Selectively show part of video/music tracks. Amazing, isn't it?
  • Custom metadata: Display custom metadata in the playlist window. Want to show the artist as well as the title, down to even the encoder used? Nothing is stopping you.
  • Native filter-chain support: Comprehensive integration of mpv/ffmpeg's filter interface/library, right inside your media player.
  • Encoding support like VirtualDub: Churn out memes faster. No need to open a video editor when your media player can do your job for you.
  • Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancements: In-app custom styling support.
  • Suggestions welcome.



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG
Medicine: FreeWare
Size: 37,97 MB.

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