Raxco PerfectStorage Bundle 3.0 Build 493

PerfectStorage™ — a huge time-saver for storage managers — is an intelligent storage management solution for thin-provisioned space reclamation that improves productivity, allows for better storage management and forecasting, and delays future storage purchases.

  • NEW! Support for CSVFS drives
  • NEW! Improved Thin Provisioned drive and supported Reclaim Method auto-detection
  • PerfectStorage Host Reclaim Now Available!
  • Smart Zero Fill™ or SCSI UNMAP
  • Eliminates time-consuming manual tasks
  • Works on physical and virtual storage
  • Prevents wasted storage space
  • Easily identifies reclaimable space
  • Pre- and post-reclaim reporting
  • Only reclaims clusters not already reclaimed
  • Usable in production environments
  • Centrally deploy, configure and manage
  • Delays future storage purchases
  • Flexible scheduling

Key Features
Avoid Ineffective, Cumbersome Free Tools
  • Storage administrators typically resort to cumbersome, time-consuming manual and command-line tools to reclaim space. These tools can also result in failed applications and services, which can lead to a cascading effect of disgruntled users, system problems, and calls to the help desk.
  • PerfectStorage provides a smart, automated reclaim method that only zero-fills or unmaps clusters that have not already been zeroed or unmapped, saving significant resources. This allows for a much more efficient use of resources, and because it's all automated, saves admins hours of valuable time managing storage.
Delay and Avoid Storage Hardware Purchases
  • PerfectStorage helps reclaim storage for thin-provisioned environments, Rather than accept regular, ongoing purchases of additional disk space, including the disk space, disk shelves, fiber ports, SAN-ports, rack space, floor space and cooling, you can choose PerfectStorage, at a fraction of the cost.
Smart Pre- and Post-Reclaim Reporting
  • PerfectStorage easily identifies and reports where and how much space can be reclaimed. Providing a pre-analysis of reclaimable space and a post-analysis of recovered space, PerfectStorage takes the guesswork out of storage monitoring and management.
Smart Zero Fill™ or SCSI UNMAP Recover Free Space
  • PerfectStorage allows you to use exclusive Smart Zero Fill™ or SCSI UNMAP to reclaim space. PerfectStorage only reclaims clusters not already reclaimed, minimizing storage activity and resource usage.
  • Once the reclaim operation is complete, PerfectStorage reports the amount of space reclaimed.
PerfectStorage ESXi Host Reclaim
  • PerfectStorage ESXi Host Reclaim works in conjunction with PerfectStorage to ensure that your valuable disk space can be reclaimed in VMware thin-provisioned environments.
The Thin-Provisioned Storage Problem
  • SDelete and Command Line Utilities
  • Existing zero-fill and SCSI UNMAP tools are manual, and therefore prone to human error. Command line tools like SDelete are time consuming and resource-intensive, requiring applications to be shut down and system activities to be minimized before you can run them.
  • Manual space reclamation tools offer no centralized management capability and little to no reporting. With manual tools, it's a guessing game as to where and how much recoverable free space there is across all your physical and virtual drives — you end up buying more hardware sooner than you actually need it because of ineffective thin-provisioned storage management.
  • Enter PerfectStorage: The Intelligent, Automated Solution
  • PerfectStorage automates and simplifies space reclamation on thin-provisioned disks — both physical and virtual. PerfectStorage easily detects where and how much reclaimable space there is at any given time, then automates the zeroing of only the clusters that haven't already been zeroed, reducing wasteful resource usage and saving valuable time.
  • Using Smart Zero Fill™ or SCSI UNMAP, automate the zeroing and unmapping of reclaimable free space from thin-provisioned disks.
StealthPatrol™ Automation
  • Automate space reclamation while your system is idle and set exclusions for days, times or while specific applications are running. PerfectStorage uses minimal resources and unlike SDelete, PerfectStorage does not require that you shut down other applications or minimize system activity in order for it to run.
Flexible Scheduling for Unattended Operations
  • PerfectStorage runs according to your needs. Set PerfectStorage to run at regularly scheduled days and times using the Schedule Wizard, let it run in the background while your system is idle, or perform a manual reclaim operation.
Centralized Management Console
  • Centrally deploy, configure and manage space reclamation with the PerfectStorage Enterprise Console on your physical and virtual servers. The PerfectStorage Enterprise Console quickly and easily identifies systems that can benefit from space reclamation.

System Requirements
  • Hardware: A storage controller that supports either SCSI UNMAP or zero detect to reclaim thin provisioned storage.
  • Virtual Environment: If you are in a virtual environment then a hyper-visor that supports SCSI UNMAP or zero detect is required in order to reclaim thin provisioned virtual disk drives. PerfectStorage works with both VMware ESXi and Hyper-V.
  • Memory: 64MB
  • Disk Space: 64MB



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 2003 / 2008 / 2012 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG
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Size: 0,15 MB.

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