TrueCafe Internet Cafe Software 70.160512

TrueCafe is a Friendly Internet Cafe Software + Wi-Fi Hotspot Billing. Internet cafe software and cyber cafe software for your Internet cafe/cyber cafe or game club.

TrueCafe Internet cafe software supports: Desktop personal computers, Wi-Fi laptops, tablets and smartphones, Thin clients and diskless systems, Game consoles and more!

Key Advantages of TrueCafe
  • Wireless billing (Wi-Fi hotspot support) Charge your customers when they use your Wi-Fi access point to browse the web from their wireless laptops, PDAs or any other mobile devices. Customize login and info pages.
  • Thin clients (NComputing, Terminal Server, etc.) support Install TrueCafe Internet cafe software on thin-client platforms such as NComputing (L130, L230, X300), Windows Terminal Server, Elusiva, Sunde, etc.
  • Tickets Create, print, sell pre-paid tickets (time codes). Distribute tickets among your agents or employees. Keep track of a ticket status: created, printed, sold, in use, used up, deleted.
  • License key (CD-key) management Cut down your game licensing expenses. Purchase a quantity of licenses to cover a simultaneous gameplay vs. purchasing a license for every terminal where a game is installed.
  • Print monitoring Automatically charge customers for printing, use distinct rates for monochrome and colour printing.
  • Point of sale Make walk-in and member sales in your cyber cafe. Control available amount of your items in the stock using the inventory system. Design your own receipt with your cyber cafe's logo on it.
  • Instant messenger / Chat Organize a chat between operator and a customer on any terminal. Send text messages to all terminals.
  • Power management Save power in your cyber cafe. Shutdown idle or all terminals by one click. Shutdown an idle terminal automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. Turn on a terminal remotely before starting a customer session.
  • Terminal screenshot, etc. Get a screenshot of any terminal in your cyber cafe. View the list of running processes, terminate a process, start an application. Control volume on a terminal, mute the sound.
  • Terminal Client Lock your cyber cafe terminals. Protect it from logging in via Ctrl-Alt-Del, etc. Display a customer session time/money left after login. Let your customer order snacks, drinks, etc. from their seats.
  • Internet traffic and URL log Calculate amount of Intenet traffic for a customer session. Keep track of the Internet websites and pages which a customer opens on your cyber cafe terminal.
  • Web Reports Analyze your business data in your web browser. Get access to your cyber cafe activity information outside the cafe from the Internet.



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OS: Windows XP / Server 2003 / 2008 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
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Size: 21,01 MB.
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