PingPlotter Professional | Portable

PingPlotter Professional is graphical network monitoring software that plots latency and packet loss data for up to hundreds of targets at once. It includes everything in PingPlotter Standard plus tools for multi-target monitoring, interfacing with other systems, and remote data collection.

Access through web browser
  • The web interface broadcasts PingPlotter across the web. It's useful for sharing information and managing the program remotely.

As many targets as you need
  • PingPlotter Pro tests hundreds of targets at once. Summary graphs are available for organizing targets and assessing performance at a glance.

Test from another device's perspective
  • Remote agents ping from locations beyond your computer so you can analyze network performance over multiple locations.

Save packet setting combinations
  • Named configurations make it easy to apply different packet settings to different targets.

Estimate Mean Opinion Score (MOS)
  • MOS is a VOiP metric that rates quality between 1 and 5.

View jitter graph
  • Jitter is the amount of variation in latency/response time, in milliseconds. The metric is useful when troubleshooting VoIP and other streaming services.

Organize multiple profiles
  • Workspaces save list of targets and settings together to help you avoid doing the same work multiple times.

Detect & Inspect Route Changes
  • Route change alerts help investigate whether problems relate to specific paths through the network.

Multiple packet types
  • Choose between ICMP, UDP, and TCP packets.

Follow changing IP addresses
  • Dynamic DNS improves long-term monitoring consistency by preventing PingPlotter from losing targets when IP addresses change.

Find devices on your network
  • Network discovery scans your local network and makes a list of the devices it finds. From there, you can add devices as targets to support your troubleshooting effort.

Capture evidence of network problems
  • Long-term monitoring perpetually collects information. If you're gone when something happens, you can always scroll back to inspect the event.

Keep the data you want
Auto-save preferences let you decide whether PingPlotter saves everything, saves after certain amount of time, or only saves when you say so.

Find out when networks misbehave
  • Alerts notify you via email, sounds, tray icons, and more when network performance meets your criteria.

Visualize the source of problems
  • The trace graph shows network performance at every hop between your device and a target website.

See network performance history
  • Timelines graph latency and packet loss history. In PingPlotter Standard, timelines hold as much time as you need and can be opened for any hop.

Post test results online
  • Sharing makes it easy to show others how your network is performing.

Automatically run in the background
  • Running as a service launches PingPlotter when your machine starts up. From there, the program starts tracing and continues even if you log out.

Specify the protocol you need
  • Ping any website with support for IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.



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OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2008 / 2012 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Keygen
Size: 3,30 / 29,89 MB.
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uagikvqzgjdumgibnl seems down.
Uploaded to Uploadrar and Upload-4ever
hallo, how to install this version as PORTABLE???
Unfortunately, now I do not have a portable version of this program. If I really need it, I can do…
hi, I only use portable versions on my PC, it would help me a lot to have a portable pingplotter ...., thank you very much in advance
Now I'll try to do it. Watch this program for now inSSIDer
this app dont work…
Portable version not working?
Fatal Application Exit, how to send image?
Added a portable version. Use Keygen to activate. Just insert the generated key into the program activation window.
klassmile, fantastic..., YOU ARE BOSS...06
same problem..., error…
Assembled in the old version of ThinApp, so it does not start on new systems… I had my assembly, but apparently deleted it by accident. There will be time to do it again…
Download invalid
current file sent "Try this version" is about inSSIDer and not PingPlotter
Read carefully the comments in the topic and what program was discussed…