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Trogon MAC Scanner — Ultimate software for efficient network maintenance and network analysis. You will always know which computers connected to the your network, who are used them and where they are located. Trogon MAC Scanner will do it fast and easily!

Trogon MAC Scanner is a powerful tool for efficient network administration and network maintenance. You will always know which computers and other network devices are connected to the network, who uses them and where they are located. Trogon MAC Scanner automatically compare scan results with database and indicate new or changed hosts and you can immediately detect illegal access to the network. You can save scan results database to the file for future network monitoring and maintenance.

Trogon MAC Scanner scan local network and detect IP addresses and MAC addresses for every network devices. Moreover find additional attributes: host name, workgroup, network adapter manufacturer. Scanner uses ARP protocol for scan subnet and uses multithreading for simultaneous a large number of queries send out. This allows scan network incredible fast. If your computer is connected with several subnetworks, you can select any for scan. The utility can be easly integrated into automated network monitoring systems and implement scheduled scannings, thanks to the implementation of the command line interface.


Scan and list IP addresses and MAC addresses of all the network devices.
  • Scan local network, find all network devices, detect their IP addresses and MAC addresses and list these addresses in pairs. Just a few seconds and you will get information about all connections to the network.

Save scan results into the database.
  • After scan is finished you can add scan results to the database. When results have been added to the database you can edit records.
  • Database will be used for comparison with future scan results and detection new connections or any other changes in your subnet. Scan results can be saved for future reference and maintenance.

Edit database records, add attributes (user name, location) to any record.
  • When scan results have been added, you can add more details for any computer in the network. For every network device you can indicate his physical location and his owner and any comments. Available custom attributes: host name, workgroup, user name, location, comments. It is enable to create new records manually (without scan) and change IP addresses and MAC addresses for existed records.
  • You will always have information for efficient network management about users and devices in your network.

Automatic compare scan results with database records and indicate difference.
  • Automatic comparison of the scan results and the database records indicate changes in your network configuration. You can immediately detect unauthorized IP addresses or MAC addresses modifications and illegal access to the network. You can always add new devices without manual addresses entering. Click the record marked as changed and get comparison details containing databases and new addresses. Automatic addresses comparison always starts after every scan.

Export and Import database in file (txt, xml, csv, html).
  • Trogon MAC Scanner can export scanning results to the file (support formats are TXT, CSV, XML, HTML) for future usage and import records from file to the database. You can export some selected records or the entire database.



OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG
Medicine: Patch
Size: 0,34 / 3,59 MB.

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