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ProScan — All-In-One Computer Aided Scanning Program. ProScan is the preferred choice in Computer Aided Scanning. ProScan is the most technology advanced, feature rich, and user friendly computer aided scanning program ever made.

ProScan supports BCD536HP (without database), BCD996XT, BCD396XT, BCT15X, BC346XT, BC346XTC, BCD996T, BCD396T, BCT15, BR330T, BC796D, BC785D, BC780XLT, BC296D, and BC250D scanners.

  • Scanner Support — Supports 14 different uniden Models. DMA and Non DMA.
  • Scanner Programming — Upload and download data to / from scanner.
  • Database — Full featured database with Find & Replace, Find Duplicates, Export and Imports data from ProScan database files, Uniden UASD database files, and RadioReference Web Service.
  • Source Client — Streams real time audio to Broadcastify, Icecast, and ShoutCast servers. Source Client can replace Edcast/Oddcast and SimpleCast types of programs. If you are a Broadcastify stream provider then the Source Client can be configured automatically.
  • Web Server — Servers a web page and serves real time audio and folders / files. Audio and folders / files can be password protected.
  • Logger — Extensive logging with many options.
  • Remote Control Scanner Over IP — Control scanner remotely with streaming audio.
  • Recorder — No loss audio recorder. Stereo or mono.
  • Audio Flow Diagram — Shows audio flow along with the volume controls and level meters.
  • Band Scope — Great for testing antenna's and interference tracking
  • Control Channel Data Monitoring — Monitor the trunking control channel data. Works with XT series scanners only.
  • Sessions Manager — Manages multiple instances of ProScan running on same computer.
  • Virtual Display — With keypad and knobs emulates the scanner front panel.
  • Test Tab — Bonus items such as sending commands to the scanner and viewing returned data from scanner.
  • Tabbed layout — For easy navigation. Each tab contains a major feature.




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