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ACRYLIC WiFi Heatmaps — Coverage Maps on a click! Improve the coverage of your WiFi infrastructure and analyze the spread signal quickly and easily without additional hardware.

Acrylic WiFi is an innovative WLAN Scanner that performs detailed security and coverage analysis for WiFi communications networks in a very short time and at an unbeatable cost. It has a clear and intuitive interface where to display the existing communications devices, how they behave, what are the existing security options and to generate reports automatically.

With Acrylic you can identify problems such as the coexistence of devices with old standards that degrade the signal, the security risks of WEP, WPA or WPS passwords, the existence of unauthorized access points or the spread of a corporate WiFi network.

Improve your Infrastructure with the best WiFi site survey software

  • Acrylic WiFi heatmaps allows to perform WiFi site survey faster. Analyze the coverage and the correct propagation of your WiFi network signal to improve its performance.
  • It works by defining locations (buildings, floors, inner perimeter and outer perimeter) to which plans or a specific geographic area are associated.
  • By performing WiFi measurements, the system captures the WiFi traffic and stores details of the devices, its signal level and other relevant data to make maps with detailed coverage of each access point and to generate reports automatically with a diagnosing of the network situation.
  • It allows the use of planes indoors where there is no GPS coverage so that all the information is georeferenced.


WiFi Heat Maps
  • 2D and 3D Heat maps and high-resolution coverage and flexible range of colors to obtain the maximum accuracy in representing the information of your WiFi network.

Automatic reporting
  • Get the most comprehensive results automatically to evaluate the correct deployment of your WiFi infrastructure.

Save time and money
  • Reduce the time required to diagnose network or coverage problems in a quick and simple way with Acrylic Heatmaps, best wlan site survey software...


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
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Size: 22,57 /… MB.

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