Active@ File Recovery Ultimate 15.0.5

Active@ File Recovery Ultimate — efficient & easy to use recovery utility for deleted, damaged or lost files, even if your PC doesn't boot. Active@ File Recovery for Windows provides the ability to effectively detect and recover files and disks lost due to accidental deletion, disk formatting, virus and other reasons.

Ultimate package in addition to Professional features contains Active@ Boot Disk Lite — a bootable Windows 7-based ISO Image that you can burn to CD/DVD/Blu-ray or write to USB Flash Disk using supplied Bootable Disk Creator. Windows PE boots from this CD/DVD/USB and you are able to recover partitions as well as recover particular files and folders from the lightweight Windows recovery environment. This is crucial for unbootable systems. Ultimate package also includes Linux-based bootable Active@ LiveCD, being able to boot all the latest x86 & x64 UEFI secure boot systems.

Main Features

  • Recover deleted files after Recycle Bin has been emptied, or files were deleted while bypassing the Recycle Bin (ex. large files)
  • Recover files lost due to accidental disk formatting, damage by virus attack, malicious program, or a power failure
  • Recover photos & pictures deleted from a USB Flash, or images lost after formatting a Memory Card (SD, CompactFlash)
  • Data restoring when partition or volume is deleted, damaged or formatted, or disk has bad sectors

New Features

  • Added recovery of Linux BtrFS file system, in addition to previously supported Microsoft NTFS/FAT/exFAT, Unix UFS, Apple HFS+ and Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 recovery
  • Added «Last Chance» recovery method for detecting files by signatures when no other methods work
  • Added 26 more built-in file signatures (Archives, Images, eBooks, Music&Videos), totalling 117 types. User-defined signatures can be created via simple scripting
  • Support for Raw (sector-by-sector copy), Raw-Compressed images and disk images created by third parties and manually composed from several chunks
  • Support for disks created by VMWare&VirtualPC: open and work with virtual disks as if they are regular HDDs
  • Support for multi-tasking: user can QuickScan found volumes and recover data while SuperScan is in progress
  • SuperScan progress: displays a map of scanned sectors and found meta-data while scanning
  • Configuration parameters stored locally and re-loaded upon next use
  • Recovers from virtually connected volumes, like BitLocker-attached & TrueCrypt encrypted disks
  • New Ultimate package now includes Linux-based bootable Active@ LiveCD, being able to boot all the latest x86 & x64 UEFI secure boot systems
  • Re-implemented most file signatures detection algorithms: signatures detection speed increased 20% to 30%, and more internal attributes being extracted
  • Integrated Active@ Disk Editor (Hex Viewer) being able to inspect disk data on a sector-level
  • Search results displayed with full path and support hierarchical structure
  • SuperScan process displays various details, including sector info, time elapsed and time remaining, as well as found meta-data
  • Support for large HDDs having 4096 byte sector size
  • Keyboard shortcuts added — many operations can be performed without use of a mouse
  • Full support for multi-language character sets (Unicode), recovers files names containing non-Latin symbols
  • Reconstructs and recovers severely damaged MFT records on NTFS file system

Whats New


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / Server 2012 / 2008 / 2003
Language: ENG
Medicine: Key
Size: 699,48 MB.

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