Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium | Professional Retail | BootCD | Portable | RePack by D!akov | 16.16.1 WinPE

RePack by D!akov — Russian | English registered version!

The Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional includes everything you need for cutting-edge data management and opens up professional system administration options which had never before been possible. Tools such as high-performance file exclusion filters for efficient backup and recovery operations, the sophisticated Paragon partitioning engine, the capability of editing virtual hard disks, Hyper-V guest system backup functions, the powerful scripting option, expanded support for virtual machines and much more make the Hard Disk Manager Professional the preferred hard disk and system administration software on the market.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager — a multifunctional and convenient solution, has full maintenance cycle hard disk drive. With this program you can manage to boot, to make partition a disk, performed the operation up and recovery, to ensure system and data security, disk output from service. The program is a convenient and practical tool for working with hard drives and data archiving for users of all skill levels. It is equally well can save data as a personal user and the enterprise.

New in Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15
With the program you can:
  • Perform any operations with partitions
  • Modify sections: hide / unhide, make active / inactive, assign / remove drive letter, change volume label, convert file system, etc..
  • Reallocate space between volumes
  • Copy disks or partitions
  • Create backup images of system and data on a local or network drive before you perform essential operations
  • Boot the computer with the Recovery CD, restore disks or partitions, as well as cancel any operation with sections in case of user error
  • Quickly see sections FAT, FAT32, NTFS, Ext2 or Ext3 FS, edit or copy files and directories using the File Manager (completely built-in application)
  • Defragment partitions and optimize their cluster size
  • Configure and manage operating systems on one PC
  • It is easy to create a boot disk based on WinPE / Linux / DOS on a USB flash memory capacity for fast, reliable maintenance and recovery
  • Work with Windows 7, 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7, the new hard disks GPT (used in Windows 7, Vista, Mac OS X and Linux), as well as the latest Linux kernel
  • Install Windows 7 or Vista on your Mac on Intel
  • Test the surface, view and edit the sector, compress MFT (master file table) on all types of dynamic volumes
Function segmentation and optimization
  • The new logic of the hard drive. Paragon has developed a completely new logic for partitioning your hard drive, all operations on disk labels became faster and safer.
  • Basic and professional operation of segmentation. Create, format, delete, deleted partition recovery, the ability to hide / unhide, change its status (active / inactive); appropriation, change or remove a drive letter; change the label of the hard disk (volume label); converting file systems; checking the integrity of the file system; full surface scan.
  • Partition. Partitioning of disk space allows you to split the OS and data, or different kinds of data in two sections of the same file system type.
  • Merge partitions. Combining space of two adjacent sections (NTFS, FAT16 / FAT32) to create a single, larger partition.
  • Redistribute Free Space. Increasing the amount of space one partition by taking unused space on other hard disk partitions.
  • Automatic partition alignment. Due to the unique technology of our company partitions on the disk are automatically aligned in accordance with its internal geometry, which significantly improves the performance of storage devices. This operation is extremely useful for solid state drives SSD, AFD-drives, as well as all the other drives with a sector size is not 512 bytes (the list of supported operations is limited).
  • Boot Corrector. Corrects most boot problems that may arise as a result of human error, software malfunction or virus attack.
  • Change cluster size. Allows you to optimize system performance and disk space.
  • Convert a file system HFS <> NTFS. Convert any version of NTFS file system in the Apple HFS and vice versa, without any formatting.
  • Conversion of basic MBR to GPT disk. To take advantage of the new easy-to-use circuit partitioning.
  • Converting Dynamic MBR to basic MBR. Convert dynamic disk MBR, containing simple volumes into a basic disk MBR.
  • Convert GPT to basic MBR. Convert a basic or dynamic disk GPT, containing simple volumes into a basic disk MBR.
  • Optimization of the file system NTFS. MFT defragmentation and shrinking helps to maximize the performance of the file system NTFS.
  • Changing the partition identifier. The ability to control access to sections.
  • Changing the primary slots. Ability to resolve problems caused by incorrect order of partitions in the Partition Table.
  • Change NTFS versions of earlier. Helps with compatibility issues.
  • Change the serial number. Additional opportunity for experienced users!
  • Undelete Partition. Ability to find and restore any accidentally deleted partition.
  • Download manager. Manage multiple operating systems on one computer, quickly and easily.

What's new in version
  • Embedded Recovery Media Builder 3.0
  • File-level backup/restore for virtual containers (pVHD, VHD, VHDX, VMDK)
  • Adaptable main program window
  • Wiping SSD
  • Agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines
  • Refactored P2V Restore Wizard

RePack Version Features
  • Automatic installation of drivers (if needed) to mount and work with images.
  • Language: English, Russian (Russian localization of the 14 version, without translation have only a couple of points)
  • Under the PE section unlocked working with archives (check / mount / change).
  • Changed some default settings.
  • Assembling sfx. That is, while the installer is a shortcut to run the program
  • Author: conty9
  • Medicine: Disinfected



OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG / RUS
Medicine: Activated
Size: 400,78 / 17,48 / 17,59 MB

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