Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue Professional PC5 | Portable

Data Rescue PC is the best data recovery software for file recovery, hard drive recovery and is completely safe to use. Other data recovery software programs can cause more damage to your hard drive and files by trying to «fix» the problem, instead of focusing on drive recovery and file recovery.

DataRescue – Recovery of Deleted Data from Any Devices! Recovery of files deleted from USB stick, hard drive or memory card is a highly demanded and expensive service. Lost data are often extremely important, and a user is ready to bear any costs to restore them. But is it really necessary to contact specialists for help? With modern software solutions, even inexperienced users can handle the task by their own! What we offer is a new software,

DataRescue Professional – a powerful, fast and efficient tool designed to recover deleted files. And you don’t need to have any special knowledge to use it! DataRescueProfessional easily finds and recovers files you need, but have lost for a variety of reasons. This is your emergency service ready to do all you need just with click of Next button.

Main software functions are:
  • Recovery of files deleted after the recycle bin was emptied.
  • Full disk scanning. Recognizing over 3,500 file types! It is much more than in other software products.
  • Searching for files through disk image, searching for files in other files.
  • Copying files from damaged disks. If your DVD or CD has scratches, copying files with standard tools often results in read error. Our software can bypass this obstacle and continues copying in spite of disk damage.
Additional software capabilities are:
  • File recovery from any devices that Windows OS recognizes as disk (USB sticks, hard drives, telephones, cameras, players).
  • Support of main file systems: NTFS, FAT-12, Fat-16, FAT-32, ex-FAT.
  • Support of operations with disks’ hidden partitions, as well as disks with no file system that Windows OS is unable to process.
  • In any mode the software can work with damaged disks (physical damages, bad sectors, e.g., after fall or impact).
  • You can look through the found files both in the tree view and broken down by types.
Nice extras include:
  • User-friendly file preview: before recovery, you can view the files (photos as images).
  • You can open any file in hexadecimal view, as well as the entire disk.
  • Easy-to-use statistics on found files.
  • User-friendly file search: you can search by name, by dates the files were modified or created, by size or attributes.

All Features

System Requirements
  • Windows 7/8/10
  • Internet Connection
  • To prevent your files from being overwritten, Data Rescue requires you to have a second hard drive to recover to.
  • Data Rescue cannot recover an ethernet or WiFi connected hard drive.

  • Support exFAT file system (Quick/Deep Scan, File Recovery)
  • Block attached drives (“Mount / Mount Read-Only / Close”) to prevent data from being overwritten by Spotlight (macOS)
  • Support for recovering files to network volumes (macOS)
  • Implement Cancel in “Create Recovery Drive” module (macOS)
  • Show /Applications on Recovery Drive after quit (macOS)
  • Accept activated Professional serial after full reinstall
  • Update compilers/libraries to fix several reported issues
  • Fix crash at recovery start when drives attached/detached
  • Fix crash at application quit after interrupted activation



OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG
Medicine: Crack
Size: 7,72 / 40,82 MB.
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