Updated News

Hi Dear Users!
Last few days, we had some problems trying to re-design our website, but now we don't have them. Hopefully, SCloud will have a new design and we wonder that you will like it. Also, if you have any idea for the website that could help us for it to work better, just comment down below. We read you, guys.
And now, it's time to be serious. Unfortunately, the upgrade of the page is not free at all, we have to pay for it. So, if anyone wants to donate (it doesn't matter if it's 0,50 cents or 1€-1$ or more if you can) and help us, just write D1mar0n or me a private message. That will be so meaningful for us…
As always, thank you so much for stay with us.
Dimar0n & Sandra


Remove all Java script.
And use only HTML if possible!
For security and performance reasons!
Soon browsers won't support Java anyway!
Website optimization will be done to the maximum, but it will depend only on us! We still need financial help. The services of professional webmasters cost money! We also kill ads and plan to provide direct links to Vip users. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.
I know here isn't a technical forum but I still want to clarify a few things since you referenced Java applets as JavaScript:
1. JavaScript is not Java. JavaScript is a standard for every web pages, a Google Search page contains thousands lines of JS codes.
2. Java is not Java applets. The Java applet you are referencing to is deprecated long time ago since Chrome 42, and
is only available on IE now.

If you remove all JavaScript on this page for example, any important features JavaScript provided would be missing such as AJAX (dynamic search box, like button, etc), dynamic data processing (comment editor, notifications, etc).

Google Java vs JavaScript and Java vs Java applets will get you a better understanding of the difference between them.