Site Changes - Improved Direct Links

Hello dear visitors of our site! It's no secret that August is a month full of discounts and all sorts of sales on most online resources and stores. In this regard, we decided to make a pleasant surprise for all of you.

We are stopping using paying file servers such as, and this means less economic benefits for us. In addition to this, we are going to pay annually for a cloud storage to have more space to save the files that we upload and that are not deleted and we do not have to be reupload everything again.

Starting from August 1st (and possibly from July 31st) and until the end of the month, in all new publications (just new, not updates!) absolutely all visitors will be provided with a direct link to download the archives. This will be a test feature of our site and we want to make sure that all our visitors can easily access downloading archives and visitors from different regions of the globe will not have problems with their IP addresses. In cases where it is impossible to download the archive due to access denial, please leave detailed comments describing the problem in this topic or write me a personal message.

Obviously, stopping using our file servers plus the costs of the cloud storage imply a big economic loss. Once again, we go to you so that, if it's possible, you can help us with our expenses donating what you can. Now we are making all these changes and we are with many things at the same time, but over time we will take care of providing another type of reward to those who have VIP accounts, do not worry.

We hope that everything will work without problems and all of you will be satisfied with the speed of downloading archives. If the testing goes well, then in the future, over time, we plan to replace all links in all topics. We wish you a pleasant time on our site.

Unfortunately, for visitors from Russia and possibly Belarus, you need to use a VPN (the program suitable for you can be found in this section) or Tor Browser (installer or portable) to download via direct links. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience caused…


That's great news! Thank you
Hopefully we can pull it all out financially......06
Very thoughtful and generous of you.
06If you knew how much work it costs us to implement all this, and for the financial expenses I will not say anything at all…