iDrive for VIP Users

iDrive — the new cloud storage for our VIP users. We hope that the use of this storage will be very useful for our VIP users.

We have been looking for a solution to the problem of deleting links from cloud storages and file hosting for VIP users for a long time and chose iDrive. For now, we have purchased 500 GB in the hope that most users will enjoy downloading files from this storage, and with your help, we will increase the storage size to 5000 GB, and more in the future. All of you know very well how much files on our site we update every day and the purchased plan for 500 GB will be used up very quickly. For this reason, we ask in advance everyone who has the opportunity to help us financially and make a donation of any size to purchase more space on the cloud storage. Please leave comments about your experience with this storage. Thanks in advance for your help.

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