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A какой пароль на архив с лекарством?
Благодарю за внимательность. Всё исправил. yes:
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Уже качается.
На данный момент по ссылкам ош.404 и на офсайте этой версии нет пока
Filescdn.com — отсюда в последнее время ничего не скачивается
Please update new version ASTER v2.23
— I tested HWID Changer By Neos07 I dont think its working
— Completely remove everything and run the CMD

del «c:\*FCE563AC» /s
Reg delete «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IBIK\ASTER\asterctx» /v licstore /f
Reg delete «HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Enigma Protector» /f
Reg delete «HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ibik» /f
èëè òàê
DEL C:\FCE563AC /s /f /a
REG DELETE «HKCU\Software\Enigma Protector» /f

3. Run By Neos07 with admin rights, generate and change the id of all hard disks
4. Restart the PC
5. Install a fresh Aster.
6. New trial period received!

After restart still the same trial expired?
Can you make a video how to apply the patch?
Is there a way to apply the patch without restarting always?

v2.23 02-10-2016
GUI improvements
Fixed the main causes of errors when testing the driver ASTER using Verifier.
A disableable prohibition to use GPUs from other workplaces (checked only for Vulkan applications).
The numbering of video cards was changed to match the order of their initialization, in order for the boot video card to be number 1.
Fixed bug 2 (-6).
Fixed the problem with the same ContainerID for different devices.
Fixed the problem with the delays start Windows Audio Service.
Was added changes that presumably eliminate the cause of some BSOD.
Some bugs fixed.
Thank you so much bro! Its working now! :)
more power to you!
It working after applying the patch!
I open the patcher with winrar and then paste the configs inside this folders
I use the portable so this is inside of it.

You have to fix the patcher to where we can select where to extract the config files
I was lucky I was able to figure it out
All version and medicine work fine!
The portable and the medicine is not working both expires Portable

New version released itools v4.4.1.6
Седмерка Кролика уже работает надеждно? Ранше были проблемы. :)
Added Trial Reset yes:
Not works Loader?
Thanks! Post updated.
Any update on this program guys??

new version is v4.4.0.5