Novicorp Remove Windows 10 Spying 1.2 Portable

Windows 10 did bring many of the features users expected of, but now Windows comes with tracking included and this looks so sad and insecure for personal data. Remove Windows 10 Spying is a simple tweaker application that aims to solve this problem fast and clear.

Key features of the app
  • Delete «Diagnostics Tracking», «WAP Push Message» Services and Keylogger feature
  • Disable domains for feedback
  • Ban user specified unwanted domains
  • Disable Unwanted scheduled tasks
  • Remove unwanted Windows 10 Metro apps
  • Can add your own lines into the «hosts» file during the process
  • Creates Restore Point to support rollback
  • Free system resources like memory and CPU time; this makes notebooks to run a little more time without an AC charger
  • Small size, less than 370Kb
  • It's 100% free, without ads and hidden activity
More precisely, you can remove XBOX, Solitaires, OneDrive, Mail, Calendar, People or Builder 3D, as well as various media tools (namely News, Weather or Sports).All in all, «Remove Windows 10 Spying Features» can be used by all those who are worried about their privacy when using Windows 10. This app is very simple and can be used by beginner users as they simply need to press a button to disable the tracking.



OS: Windows 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Size: 1,34 MB.

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