Kaspersky 365 | Anti-Virus | Internet Security | Total Security 2016 (b) MR1

Kaspersky delivers premium protection from viruses, Trojans, spam, hackers, and more. Its cutting-edge, hybrid approach to digital security combines innovative, cloud-based technologies with advanced antivirus protection to deliver a faster, more effective response to todays complex, ever-evolving threats. You, your private data and PC are completely protected as you work, bank, shop and play online.

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spyware
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-spam
  • Anti-rootkit
  • Anti-banner
  • Safe Money
  • Automatic exploit prevention
  • Two-way firewall
  • Parental controls
  • System watcher & rollback
  • Application control
  • URL Advisor
  • Instant safety checks
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Secure keyboard
  • Free technical support

Unique Safe Money Technology
  • Provides additional layers of protection during financial transactions, such as online banking and shopping, and using payment systems.

Innovative Hybrid Protection
  • Combines innovative, cloud-based technologies with advanced antivirus protection to ensure you’re always safe from the latest threats.

Identity & Privacy Safeguards
  • Uses the latest cloud data, anti-phishing technologies and a secure keyboard mode to keep your personal data from being stolen.

Dangerous Website Alerts
  • Advises you of the safety of search result links, and blocks malicious and phishing websites.

Advanced Parental Controls
  • Helps you ensure your children are safe and responsible online while they’re surfing the web, gaming and enjoying social networks.

Safe Social Networking
  • Ensures your Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts won’t receive malicious links or software from your friends.

New in version 2016

Audio Control
  • Blocks access to the microphone for applications, that have been assigned “High Restricted” or “Untrusted” status. Programs from Low Restricted group will request permission to access the microphone. Works independently from webcam control feature.
  • Currently this feature works only on x86 operation systems.

Trusted Application Mode settings have been moved to a separate window in product GUI (Main Window -> Show Additional Tools -> Trusted Application Mode). Added “fast enable” option.

Improvement in UI of Manage Application settings
  • Remastered window “Identity Data”
  • In the Manage Applications window there is an opportunity to sort by applications using the network
  • Now you can categorize unknown applications to any group/subgroup («change group for unknown applications»)

The product is distributed with reduced AV bases (for smaller distributive size)

Do Not Track
  • New feature, which detects and blocks tracking queries from web-sites. It also allows to check what tracking system queries are found and selectively block them. Detection statistics is available in browser (from plagin) and in product reports. White list for trusted web-sites is provided.
  • In 2015MR2 this feature was tested and was not included in the release build. DNT technology will be available in the final version of 2016MR0.
  • Module is in the state of active development and filling of database. We’ll tell later special scenarios (to which things You should pay extra attention) for testing this feature.

Safe Money
  • Functionality of Safe Money was redeveloped in a way to not depend on plugins in most situations. Plugins are needed only in several cases such as buying in online-shops. Please, pay special attention to the use cases of Safe Money.

Compatibility with KidSafe
  • Full support of compatibility is not realized in current builds of KidSafe. We will tell when the next build of KidSafe will be available for the testing of compatibility with KAVKISKTS

Network rules creation directly from alerts is added.

Password Manager
  • The installation process will be started directly from the link in the product menu (redirect is not ready yet).
  • Links to the product for other are added

System Changes Control Settings
  • An alert should be displayed for user if any third-party program attempts to change the browser settings or add extensions. An appropriate setting is added to product UI.


  • It contain hotfix of BSOD bug in klim6 driver, that was activated after one of MS updates.


OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG / RUS
Medicine: Reset Trial / Key
Size: 1,93 (Online installers) MB.

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