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iTools is a tool to manage all your iOS devices in a very similar way to iTunes, but it adds a few new and interesting options, while ridding itself of some of the more annoying features found in the Apple program. To start using the program you must first connect all of your iOS devices (iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad) to your PC. Once connected, you can easily manage all the content in a way that is half way between the versatility of iTunes and the simplicity of Windows Explorer.

From the different windows in the app, you can manage your photos, music and applications; transferring them to your machine easily, deleting them and renaming them. Of course, you can also get a general look at your device, and check how much space is occupied or left free. All the information displayed on iTools is somewhat similar to that of iTunes, but it does come with the bonus of increased simplicity that many users will appreciate. And as if all this were not enough, the application does not require any installation, so you just have to start it and you're away. iTools is a very interesting alternative to iTunes, whose main benefit lies in the fact that you can take it anywhere and use it from a flash drive without installation.

  • Ringtone Maker
  • Moving the phone
  • Super Backup
  • Super Recovery
  • File system
  • WeChat expression
  • Desktop Management
  • A key optimization
  • Add Lunar
  • Mobile hard disk
  • Battery Expert
  • Real-time Desktop
  • Real-time log
  • Crash log
  • Firmware Download
  • Brush assistant

Key Features
Dual-platform management
  • Support iOS, Android dual-platform management continuity iOS end lightweight experience
Moving the phone
  • Support replacement equipment and Android devices and iOS between two devices
Micro-channel management
  • Friends support, micro-channel group, subscription number, text, audio, all the records, the perfect backup, also supports micro-channel Content Query
A key optimization
  • Custom rubbish, data security is guaranteed found long unused APP, more equipment space optimization
Wireless Management
  • Bid farewell to the data lines, easy to manage

What’s in iTools 4
Easily Transfer in Two-Ways
  • With iTools, you can freely transfer music in two ways between your Apple device and computer. Also you no longer have to worry about losing your current iPhone tracks when syncing your iPhone from computer. iTools free your iPhone music from iTunes restriction.
Instantly Export Photos on Your iPhone
  • Easily export photos from iPhone, iPad to Computer with one-click. And with iTools you can preview photos in their original resolutions.
Customize Your Exclusive Ringtongs
  • iTools expands your options to turn your favorite songs into your exclusive melody. You can clip music as you like with iTools Ringtone Maker and say good-bye to the default ringtone.
Back up or Restore Data on Your iPhone
  • To avoid losing data, iTools allows you to back up any of your iPhone contents. In addtion, you can restore the data from any backup to your Apple Device or even extract data from your backups.
Arrange Icons on Your iPhone
  • Simply drag and arrange icons on your iPhone with a few clicks. Even iTools allows you to classify all icons with one-click and you don’t worry about losing old arrangement as iTools allow you to back up/restore it.
Battery Master
  • Show full detailed report of your battery infomation and health. Report includes real capacity, design capacity, boot voltage, serial number of the battery and etc.



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Language: ML / ENG / RUS
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Any update on this program guys??

new version is v4.4.0.5
Thanks! Post updated.
The portable and the medicine is not working both expires Portable

New version released itools v4.4.1.6
All version and medicine work fine!
It working after applying the patch!
I open the patcher with winrar and then paste the configs inside this folders
I use the portable so this is inside of it.

You have to fix the patcher to where we can select where to extract the config files
I was lucky I was able to figure it out
Thank you so much bro! Its working now! :)
more power to you!
The download link leads to a «File not found».
Please reupload. Many thanks!
I don't have these archives to update links. The old medicine doesn't work and the new one doesn't. I have been using this program for a long time. In my opinion, it is much better and free! I recommend.