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Caramba Switcher is a new, smart and simple automatic keyboard layout switch designed to work with Russian, German and English.

With the growing number of Caramba Switcher users, at the request of people working in defense enterprises, in the public service, in large corporations, we created Caramba Switcher Corporate. This version does not connect to the Internet — the functional block that works with the network is completely removed from it. To check for updates, the user will have to go to the program site on their own and check if there is a new version. This is our first step in creating a truly secure version for corporate use. We will make changes and improvements in the field of security at the request of organizations that want to save the time of their employees with the help of Caramba Switcher.


  • Caramba Switcher is a smart switch. Unlike Punto Switcher and other layout switches, Caramba determines the language of the word you are editing, and therefore does not prevent you from erroneous auto-switching when editing. The program understands when you play the game and disconnects itself for this time. Caramba in most cases knows that you type the password and does not switch it to Russian. You can cancel switching or converting selected text by double-clicking Shift or one-click Pause Break.

Saves time
  • One manual switch of the layout takes about a second, and the removal and correction of incorrectly typed takes a few seconds. Caramba Switcher fixes text instantly. Also, automatic correction of such cases is made: «Hello» — «Hello». According to our calculations, this frees up the user for about five minutes a day. For the month of work Caramba Switcher will save you about two hours. And the annual saving of time will be at least three full working days free from the routine!

One setting
  • Automatic language switching can be disabled when you do not need it. A completely new function SingleShift has appeared in Karamba — switching the current layout in the system by briefly pressing the Shift key. Caramba Switcher learns on its own — you do not have to stop working with text to make an exception and create a rule! It is enough to erase an abbreviation or word that has been incorrectly switched, type them again, and a new rule will be automatically created. The more you work with the program, the better it understands you and less mistakes.

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OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (x86-x64)
Language: ML / ENG / RUS
Medicine: Freeware
Size: 3,02 / 2,91 / 3,01 / 2,53 / 2,42 / 2,52 MB.

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