ImageStation Enterprise 3.2.20

ImageStation: scanning, conversion, book printing. ImageStation is software that encloses the range of the best functions for your work with images and document. ImageStation is a completely independent application that runs on Windows and can work without Internet access.


With ImageStation you easily can:
  • scan by a local, network or sheetfed scanner,
  • save web-cam images,
  • save images in JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, TIFF, multipage PDF and TIFF,
  • convert to JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, TIFF, multipage PDF and TIFF,
  • join several document pages in one PDF or TIFF ,
  • add or delete pages in multipage PDF and TIFF,
  • extract or cut out separate pages from PDF,
  • create a paper or e-book copy,
  • print multiply pages per sheet.

Scanning with ImageStation is:
  • scanning by your own software;
  • integration with the majority of scanners’ modifications such as sheetfed and WIA-scanners;
  • can work with Web-cams;
  • always the same scanning interface;
  • flexible settings designed in handy and intelligible interface;
  • saving in PDF, JPEG, TIFF, multipage PDF.

Conversion, saving and printing in ImageStation is:
  • saving of different format images in one file;
  • conversion in such extensions as PNG, LPG, TIFF, PDF, multipage TIFF and PDF;
  • work with multipage TIFF and PDF;
  • saving per page in one click with automatic indexation;
  • all or chosen images printing.

Enhanced usability of document structure
For handy viewing and document structure managing in ImageStation such capabilities are realised as:
  • page viewing through a thumbnail window;
  • capacity for detailed image browsing in the page viewing window; size changing of both areas by clicking on the borders between them;
  • size changing in the both areas by mouse scrolling;
  • changing of the page order by thumbnails drag transfer clicking them and holding down the mouse button moving to the proper place;
  • page deleting from the document through Control Panel>Delete;
  • page turning by fit icon on the toolbar.

Document printing as a book or brochure
Do you want to print some information for comfortable reading? Or maybe you want to create paper or e-book copy? ImageStation can cope with these tasks easily:
  • You should just use such ImageStation functions as “Scanning” and “Brochure”.
  • Load any format image from a file or scan material in ImageStation and create a brochure or a book by one click!
  • ImageStation will place all pages in the needed order automatically and will save created document in the multipage PDF format.
  • Printing your book correctly you will get the book in A5 format.


  • May include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.


OS: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 (x86-x64)
Language: ENG / RUS
Medicine: Crack
Size: 26,38 MB.

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