VovSoft Text Statistics Analyzer 3.4 | Portable

VovSoft Text Statistics Analyzer — analyze statistics on your character, word, and line frequency with the help of this lightweight software utility that could prove quite handy in linguistics studies. The GUI packs two main buttons, one allowing you to load your text from a file, with the other initiating the analysis itself. You can also simply paste your text in the main window, take a look at it and even make modifications if you consider them necessary.

The ability to compute word frequencies can make it a very good educational tool since it allows teachers to easily spot and quantify repetitions.

As for the statistics the software utility provides you with, they are offered in a new window that is organized into several tabs. The «General» section informs you about the total number of characters, words, and lines, as well as how many unique elements were employed in your text. What's more, character, word, and line frequency can be interpreted as well, with each item being associated with details regarding the number of instances it appeared in your text. Besides, the frequency is also expressed in percentage points in order to have an overview of your linguistic habits.

In case you consider it is more comfortable to explore the results of your quest in a CSV file, you can do that as well, with a button at the bottom of this second window allowing you to export all the data. Synonyms can be displayed by right-clicking any word in results window.

In addition to listing letters, words and lines, you can easily and quickly create pie charts using this program. All you have to do is go to the tab you want and hit the «Pie Chart» button.

  • Checkmark Char Frequency
  • Checkmark Word Frequency
  • Checkmark Line Frequency
  • Checkmark 2-Word Phrases
  • Checkmark 3-Word Phrases
  • Checkmark 4-Word Phrases


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