Temporarily Thing

Hello, everyone. I've been thinking about this for a while and I hope you don't mind. I've decided to leave the page for a while. I mean, I'll update two or three things a day if I feel like it, but I prefer to focus on my studies and resolve certain conflicts that I have. Maybe there will be days when I will update a lot of things if I feel moderately good, don't doubt that. But… I need to focus on myself now.

I still think I'm doing wrong, but I'd rather relax at least on the subject of updates. Hope you understand it.



Have a pleasant rest and productive pastime!
Ok, you take care of yourself
I've always kept a really grateful heart for what you did for us, just didn't have a chance to say thank you so much
Anyway I believe you made a really right and good choice, bless you can pass through the hard times angelsmile:
Come back soon :)
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