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Pamela for Skype Professional | Business

Pamela — is the ultimate Skype add-on application which adds a wealth of functionality to your Skype. Pamela Professional is suited for the occasional Skype user as well as heavy Skype users. Pamela Professional is very easy to use. The Professional edition is the product which contains the most features of all Pamela editions.

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Объявляется набор журналистов! / Declares a set of journalists!

На сайт приглашаются журналисты с опытом работы для создания различных блогов (видео, музыка, журналы...) Желающим обращаться в мой личный почтовый ящик. yes:

To the site are invited journalists with experience to create different blogs (video, music, magazines ...) Those who wish to apply to my personal mailbox. yes:

LizardSystems LanSend 2.0.0

LanSend is an invaluable tool for system administrators for sending out instant messages to network users. LanSend has a simple, logical GUI and enables you to send a message to multiple users on your LAN with just a few mouse clicks. No additional software needs to be installed on users' machines for them to receive messages.

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